Our Mission Statement


Camp Fire USA builds caring, confident youth and future leaders.


Camp Fire is this community’s first choice for building caring, confident youth and future leaders. We provide every youth an opportunity to build key assets, experience success, care for our environment, and have fun.

We Value

  • Each child as unique and valuable to society.
  • Volunteer participation and recognition. Acceptance of full responsibility and accountability for our actions.
  • Direct communication that permits healthy disagreement.
  • Resolving conflicts in mutually respectful ways. Innovation, creativity and reasoned risk-taking.
  • Quality training and commitment to personal and professional growth.
  • Flexibility in adapting to change.
  • Responsible and creative management of all our resources.
  • Collaboration with others to meet the needs of youth.
  • Excellence and continuous improvement in all that we do.

Statement of Philosophy

We are an effective youth development organization committed to building upon 90 years of rich history and experience in responding to the changing needs of youth. We believe that through informal education programs "kids can be kids," have fun, learn to set goals, meet challenges, discover themselves, and become responsible, caring citizens. We are dedicated to the philosophy that staff, volunteers, youth, and families are partners in shaping Camp Fire policies and programs, and that the talents of all are essential to our success. Our communications are direct, open, and respectful. We value our unity and differences, recognizing that there is strength in both. Our pledge to all youth will be shown through continually enhanced programs, a stable and broad funding base, and enthusiastic youth, staff, and volunteers who reflect the rich diversity of our communities.


Camp Fire USA -CPSC is an United Way affiliate agency.



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