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Registration Office
206 461 8550 or
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Program Details
206 463 3174
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Camp Sealth promotes an atmosphere of inclusiveness for kids with a wide variety of ability levels, emotional challenges, etc. Our staff assist campers with mild to moderate disabilities, enabling them to succeed at camp. We can provide an interpreter for kids who are deaf or hard of hearing, and accommodate those who use a wheelchair to get around.

We are not equipped nor staffed to work with kids who need a significant amount of one-to-one support or who have difficulty controlling their behavior. Youth who adversely affect other campers’ experience may not be ready for the close living environment that camp provides and may not be successful at Sealth. If our child has a disability, please call 206 463 3174 ext. 35 prior to registering to determine whether camp is suitable for your child. Children who need personal care assistance may bring a personal care aide, provided that this person passes the camp background check process.

Parents of campers with mild to moderate special needs will be asked to complete an Inclusion Assessment after registering. This Assessment will give camp staff more details about your child that will help us determine how best to provide support for him or her. The Inclusion Staff may also follow up with a phone call to parents prior to camp.

In order to provide the best possible support for your child, please be thorough and honest with us about your child’s abilities. Children with special needs must be registered at least 60 days prior to the camp session, and the Inclusion Assessment completed and returned no later than May 31.

Saturday Club
If overnight camp is not for your child, consider this recreational program on Saturdays. Saturday Club is held at several locations in King County and Bremerton for youth with disabilities who do not yet have independence for an overnight camp setting. Details: 206 826 8928.

Special Family Weekend
Another opportunity for kids with special needs – this is a family camp geared toward kids with special needs and their families.

Hearing & Vision Challenges
Blind or deaf youth can attend almost any in-camp program at Sealth; we’ll provide a site orientation and buddy for the blind, and an interpreter for the deaf or hard of hearing. Please register by May 1 to enable us to employ the specialists your child needs.

Children with asthma may attend any session or in-camp program and expect quality care and asthma management from the camp health staff. Camp Sealth partners with the American Lung Association to recruit health staff who are knowledgeable about respiratory diseases and who are at camp every session of the summer. All campers with asthma will be required to work out an Asthma Management Plan with their physician before attending camp; parents must complete the Asthma Management Form and bring it to check in.

Special Dietary Needs
If your child has food intolerances or a special diet, we will do all we can to work with him or her.

During sessions 4, 5 or 4/5 the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is at camp to support campers with diabetes. Campers attending the ADA session experience all the fun and adventure of traditional summer camp, with the additional support, guidance and education provided by a 24-hour medical support team of diabetic experts (physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse educators and dietitians). The ADA medical team is there to provide a safe environment by seeing campers before every meal, at bedtime, and as necessary for blood sugar monitoring, medication dosing and snacks. The goal is that every camper gains self-confidence, learns new skills and improves diabetes self-management to go home feeling more independent and empowered to take control of their care.

Campers with diabetes choosing to attend an ADA sponsored camp session must register with the ADA (online or by mail). Registration for the ADA is due no later than June 18, 2010. Spaces fill quickly, so register early. The ADA provides need-based scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis. For details, call 206 282 4616 or 888 342 2383 or visit

If your diabetic child cannot attend sessions 4, 5 or 4/5, please call the camp director to discuss your child's care. You'll be asked to submit these two forms: a 3-day Glucose Record and a Diabetes Health Evaluation from your child's physician. (Do NOT use these forms if you are attending the ADA sessions described in the above paragraph; the ADA will provide you with their own forms.)

Gluten Intolerance
Campers with gluten intolerance or celiac sprue are professionally supported during sessions 4, 5 and 4/5 by the volunteers and staff of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). Dietitians handle food prep to assure nutritious gluten-free meals and snacks. Campers may enroll in any program during these sessions. Use the enclosed Sealth registration form, but mail to: GIG, 31214 – 24th Ave SE Auburn, WA 98092. Contact GIG for details at 253 833 6655 or